XL-7, Groove Machine from E-MU.

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Adrnt 11/10/2004

E-MU XL-7 : Adrnt's user review


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2 midi out ports, 2 outputs in Stereo + sub hand with the routing capabilities of DIFFERENT channels to the effects, has been plutt well.
2048 512 presets factory expandable by adding cards rom is not bad. As against 512 user presets is a bit tight but hey we can always store them on a PC via midiox I think. Too bad E-loader takes that gives squence.
The effects are not bad (reverb, and delay) but nothing special.
The squenceur is powerful enough damage that the screen is so small when not RVer is not not a software publisher.


I find the game program a little complex as given my lack of experience with MIDI. To use it even when not a mre drink, you get faster by hand.
The functions are accessible via buttons but you still have same dplacer the jog in the sub menu. This sometimes becomes a bit tedious for an amateur of the mouse but you get done.
As for the manual version in English is complte and Retailer plutt good edition of the preset. In pdf (French version) This chapter is limited to the filter section roughly ... a shame because it's the most interresting machine. Complmentaires versions are updated according to the bones you have ... thankfully


I possde 3 cards supplmentaires the original (protean drum, synth and techno beat garden) so I have a lot of choice in my sounds which allows me to adapt my style of music (ambient d & b hardrechno jungle). I miss some sounds may be more traditional and realistic (mostly piano guitar). The sound techno are oriented to the original card and are well suited for techno.
Level effects, there is a choice and routing can CRER good combinations, but must not imagine that this is all (I would have AIM a phaser and a more autowah but good).
For expression faura may be even with a keyboard because the pads when I find personal not even a great, yet it can edit lines sounds quickly enough to a novice of Contents keyboard as me. (Mode plutt step is convenient for me because it can easily dcouper measures) for rendering but can tamper with pattern edit (Veloci pitch, note duration)
I use a lot and low waves. The synths are pretty too. I find that lack of samples of copper and piano.


It's been a year and a half that I use this machine, but I miss the last update of the bone for a xloop I think will be really a plus for the edition of complex rhythmic I think it does.
I prfre are the controllers in real time and sections presets (it is certainly debatable for one owner of analog synth). What I most dplus this must be the failure to use a pattern with riff, and why they are not expected t have a way of recording riffs more convenient (you have to connect the south in the south out of the machine so hello bugs). Personal rm1x before I try and from that point of view it is 16 times more potent (16 plants phrases that can be simultaneously publish in the same pattern without going through the records squence). This is also true that I had never seen on other machines (korg roland). Too bad because it's really great for beginners all the riffs that have to sort but even when there are good phrases. With that I almost forgot how arpgiateur against that by far exceeds my humble opinion the other machines in this range (especially the rm1x). There are several patterns of fashion and 300 arpgiateur in the original map leaving a lot of possibilities APRS we like it or not.
Personal I pay 930 euros in May 2003 and if I had the choice again this will not hsitation.