Elektron Analog Four
Elektron Analog Four

Analog Four, Groove Machine from Elektron.

RecKsSounds 02/14/2013

Elektron Analog Four : RecKsSounds's user review

« At that price? This little lady is a gift! »

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Analog monophonic synth 4 votes separated on 4 tracks.
More track for the management effects on a external audio sources and mite management for an external module via the CV.
Each voice has 2 analog oscillators, each oscillator is completed by a sub oscillator. Plus a noise generator.

3 effects are proposed and Assayable (via a "send") to the slopes.
Chorus, delay and reverb.

Two filters (high pass, low pass ...) are offered by analog voice. They sound really good.

The VCO can modulate almost any parameter of the machine.

The machine is completely autonomous sequencer via a very powerful and easily configurable.

The controls are easily accessible via the 10 knobs.
A small screen, very small but very readable, allows the visualization of parameters assigned to the potentiometer which infinite stroke.
Management hit potentiometers is very ingenious. It can be so fine (it runs normally) or abrupt (by turning the knob while pressing it).

No MIDI outputs.
At the moment, it is not possible to control an external module via MIDI OUT. It only allows sync via MIDI CLOCK.
But it is apparently being studied in Elektron.

No separate audio outputs for 4 voices, but only one stereo output mix. Personally, I'm not bothered by it, the management of the 4 tracks being completely autonomous. The mix on the machine is quite easy.


This is my first Elektron. And this is my first real analog.
Control the machine outline is very simple.
All pages of parameters are easily accessible (This is written on the machine).
The sequencer is very easy to use. It is in the spirit of TR and other sequencers.
I watched some videos on the net to understand the philosophy of the beast. And when I received it, it took me a few minutes to get a first component, without looking at the doc.

The machine operates on several layers: the sounds (for the sound of a track), the kits (for a set of sounds), a pattern (for a sequence), a chain / song (for a set of pattern / sequence) .
So we start from the smallest element to a set.

But once you want to start the synthesis and deepen editions of certain parameters, it gets complicated.
The parameters are so many that get lost very quickly. But hey, I like fiddling with stuff to see what it does!

Performance mode lets you edit a dozen of configurable parameters according to the kit loaded. This mode allows you to play live on the sounds of the machine. Each parameter (or rather, series of parameters) can be assigned to a knob for grind live. We define the terminal min, max terminal and go!

Many options are available. This can make things at first a little confused. But the machine has a true logic, workflow and allows very natural once well controlled.

For the moment the documentation is in English, available on the Elektron. Personally, in the box I had a doc in Japan / Chinese ...

One of the other great advantages of this machine is that it is very small and easily transportable. Given its autonomous nature, I often spell "home studio" to mumuse with in the lounge. One can spend hours searching for a sound, a compo ... Without realizing it.

Another very very small more significant is the inclusion of a mini keyboard 1 octave directly on the machine. It avoids lug with a midi keyboard. When I say it enough in itself!


The sounds are great!
We have a complete machine real and very powerful.

Oscillators are excellent!
They can really sounded very much!
Coupled with excellent filter and distortion, you really feel the difference between analog and virtual analog (I'm not talking about VST, I do know some).

I cracked on with the demo compo.
These are the sounds that really convinced me to purchase the Four Analog.

Effects provide an excellent overall sound character rendering. Especially the chorus.
In short, it sounds, overall, very well.

Small flat, if you go down a lot in the bass notes, we hear too much oscillation. But hey, it seems normal.
This being said, there is ample opportunity to make it sound good in low operator, wisely, sub oscillators.

I had a little trouble at first for integrated into a component. The sounds are so powerful, they "ate" the final mix too.

In the end, I assure you, you quickly learn to control his power.

I think that A4 can be any type of music. Simply make the small bank of sounds. There is no real limitation.
I do not think that draws no use for techno / dubstep ... Even if that is his vocation.


I used since a little over a month. And I fell in love!
She has everything it takes to be the heart of a composition.
An excellent sound, extra design, intuitive workflow ...
In short, it has everything you need, where you need it!

As I said, this is my first real analog, and I understand that some people say the differences between real and virtual analog analog. There are not the same grain, not the same heat to a VA.

She still has little problems, but I trust in the evolution of this bike (knowing that the polyphonic mode is being studied in Elektron).
Elektron has a very good reputation for the development and monitoring of their machines.

The price / quality ratio is unbeatable!
For the same price as a monophonic "standard", you have 4 mono and a sequencer. All in a very portable little box! So what more?!

With all this ... How not to love this machine? I could not resist anyway!