Elektron Analog Four
Elektron Analog Four

Analog Four, Groove Machine from Elektron.

patmar 06/09/2013

Elektron Analog Four : patmar's user review

«  Modern and comprehensive »

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General configuration simple: yes and no. It is quite clear, but extended.
As a synthesis must know not to waste time. I would not recommend this machine for a beginner.
In any case, the facade is well thought out.

Manual clear: yes, but only electronic.

Simple editing but not for a beginner.


"The sounds they suit your style of music? Are they realistic? Effects are they effective and responsive?"
Yes, but it is so subjective ...

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? ...
Favorites: modern and right side. Extended too.
Hated (it's a bit much ...): the smooth side.
See general review.

"Are they realistic?"

"The expression is good? (Reaction velocity, aftertouch)?"


It comes easily to interface.
For now I hardly open the manual (just to find the white noise).

The sound is a bit smoother compared to my or my MS10 Pulse but against what is "right" and "tense". Pretty accurate, actually.
The shaping is super extended on the oscillators with the PW on all waveforms.

The filters are not "music" as a Moog. In fact I find them almost in the digital footprint.
For me it is not a fault. They are accurate and not bad breaks between the LPF to cut down (and yes ...) and multi-mode to finish his drawing (either re-filtering or emphasizing frequencies).
Resonance is sifflancte when pushed. Should not be seen as an "overdrive" as the filter on the MS but as a way boost EQ.
There is a saturation rate LPF1 filter which serves to clearly add harmonics (or can completely screwed up the sound). This is very consistent with the side "clinical" core of this filter.

Shell side is fast, or soft, or what you want ...
The profiles are top envelopes. After they are ADSR everything more conventional but re-trigables (not super original but complete).

Sequencer side, I discovered. It does not look very complex. I was able to enter the lines fairly quickly without much to my head.
After I still have to learn Bcp on this point (the famous Plocks).

FX side is good, but for now I do not find it amazing.
As against the reverb is clean, which is already great for embedded all we're talking about a machine "only" 1,000 euros.

That's it.

In summary, I prense it's going really well complete my set up because I had no module with this modern, this versatile footprint and autonomy.
Great ergonomics too. I feel it will weigh (positively) in my workflow. Especially since it will allow me to control my MS and I'm going to go inside of an auxiliary table to enjoy my FX for everyone (I think especially the reverb). Which will be ultra convenient for "wet my sound during dialing, without too take the lead on this point (I réglerais when mixing).
Moreover, this is not a machine without identity.

Frankly I'm happy with my purchase.