dacover 09/12/2013

Elektron Analog Four : dacover's user review

«  Elektron, the advent. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Small embedded keyboard, very convenient.
4 monophonic synths in the bike, very convincing effects, everything is editable on the fly.
We find all the parameters dedicated to the synthesis, connectors a little light (no separate outputs) but very good bills.
Connection via USB to the computer world.


For those who worked on Elektron, the grip is obvious, for others it will become familiar with the methodology Swedish firm, which once gained is very well thought out.
No paper supplied manual, it's a shame at this price ...
Easy editing and pushed all the synthesis parameters, effects and sequencer.


I quickly get the desired sound, the quality, richness and diversity fits perfectly with what I want
to produce short, I enjoy, no machine to date I had given much satisfaction.
The sound must sculpt is not a machine to "Preset".


I've had a few months in a studio at the moment (www.radio-maxfm.com LiveAct on Tuesday, October 1)
I made the last fifteen years, this is the best machine all the time (quiet breathing, takes you ...) But I had a multitude of synths, drum machine, sampler, sequencer .. .
To this day my studio comes down to a good listener, the ANALOG 4 SPS-1, Juno 106, APC40, Macbook, Ableton Live and Motu.
There are plenty of other synths that tears, which are beautiful, but fat at some point when no life that music must make choices and I think there is so far no better value / price, it is a very good investment and more a machine that offers maximum possibilities and sounds.