crazymilk57 01/04/2014

Elektron Analog Four : crazymilk57's user review

« the future of analog »

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good features are available on the internet and on the site of elektron so no problem on that side of.

no control noon, otherwise it would be a ten.


So first it is necessary to recall the elektron philosophy is to equip these machines a super powerful sequencer to change sounds and sound settings at each step that can give totally organic electronic sequences or very but so very busy at this level limitation to four tracks is not really a problem I think.

You really have to try it before judging it as sequencer and how this machine is designed gives you total freedom in creation and all these options can be used. for example you have trig sound (not containing a locked audio), the trig without sound (containing just change the settings for a sound that would have been played previously, the trig mute (which allow you to mutate not previously activated but retaining those settings it to recall at any time. settings as well as swing and even a general transposition that can be applied to any (or any set) tracks.

more there is a performance mode or you can assign a dozen knob to the features you want and the Four-tracks, which can permetre if you have other machines handle live have fewer manipulations do some basic functions (mute tracks, change the parameters'' macro ")
And finally for the enthusiast exploration and improvised live you can use the save that will allow you to save a pattern as well love you and be able to live with the crazy pattern function, change all the parameters before returning to two seconds on your initial pattern, really strong.

In addition you have a well furnished and very flexible effects section, delay and reverb are really far away and the last update brings polyphony, a treat, with a setting for the assignment of the vote, plus two mono type poly track has two voices, or 3 + 1 or 4 voice poly.extraordinaire!!

in short it is a machine that will charm hundred percent. single (that is what I like with this machine) and very ergonomic, and do not be fooled by those who write the logic elektron is hot to take in hand etc.. This arch is wrong, and I repeat this machine can be tamed within hours of grip, manual and clear and precise and everything is organized with logic such as faith mastered it is almost longer necessary to read the manual. there is no button combination'' fanciful'' because everything has a meaning, and it's really very simple.

The only complaint I could make just the outer part sequencer'''' which offers only one track and cv / gate. which does not allow to control a lot of external synths and flange not evil beast at this level. (But this is relative depending on the price)


Electronic sounds are very early, but when we triffouille well, you learn the differences between the two filters has made available and we ventured into the jungle proposed parameters, we understand that we will never around.

Sure the sound is not exactly that of a very big slobbery analog but with the last update and boost possible resonance is approached wild nature of certain analog ancestors.

in fact it is a bit like your girlfriend, if you guide it well it will be elegant and wild according to the desires, you really spend time with and exploring the boundaries (and even the word is poorly chosen, the beast) which is more simple with integrated sequencer, you create a sequence, the rejoinder on two or three tracks, mute it by turns each of the tracks and sought the sound you want.

more for novices synthesis, this machine is a godsend, you load a sound you like, on a track, you start with a basic sound on the track two trying to get closer to the original sound, then you will check or you are planted herself watching the parameters of the original track.

if you are passionate about synthesis and sound creation is the machine you need, besides the number of parameters available far exceeds anything I've tried.

In a word it sounds like you want it to sound when you are stubborn and motivated. and it does not try to copy any such existing trademark.


I use it for almost a year, almost every day and I am far from having done the trick.
I use it with a Octatrack for resampling and add some effects as well as for drum maschine mostly part.

I love being able to do anything with, analog bar, synth madness, integrated sequencer and making it a tool built for live effects. I love the new update with 4000 sounds available at any time. I love the look, monolithic kubrikien, I love the modern sound and unlimited.

in fact one of the questions I ask myself is why buy something else, because in the new analog, (unless purely a keyboard player in mono), they have no advantage I think (and j 've tried a bunch.) in general they can internal effects (MiniBrute, microwave, latest innovation, the sub phatt etc.), they do not have that great sequencer, they do not have the 4000 available at any time, you can not also easily compare two or three phases of creating sounds. they have fewer parameters syntheses. and they do not compete price level.
Because for a few thousand euros, four tracks (and yet it is closer to six parameters with locks), effects, memory, unique modes of performance, size, etc., we get a sentence of two neo analog which do not offer half of them has two functions. if one wants a pedal effect is added, then a sequencer, etc., and the budget of the A4 you explode.

I know that all tastes are in nature but honestly if you hesitate on this machine, go for it, there are guarantees 30 days on websites etc, in case you change your mind, but you can not have Reviews on this machine without having to spend a good week at least above.

I hope this review has helped in at least one and I wish you all good music.