Orageon 04/09/2014

Elektron Analog Four : Orageon's user review


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- 4 channels
- Midi in out thrue
- CV gate (which I do not use)
- 2 outputs
- 3 effects
- Built-in sequencer

The machine is equipped with all what we used with Subtractive synth. I had some VA, I was surprised to not see more routing option between filters (it has two filters in series: a LP filter and a multi function), but all this works fine. Many editable parameters and automated. Enormous possibilities.

There is a built-in sequencer, making it a machine quite independently, it's great.

I'm not a fan arpeggiator but it is super well done, with the possibility of programming a lot there and mutate Rating: excellent.

I rather regret is the fact that there are only 2 outputs and 3 effects for all tracks (it's OK), it is mainly because the animal needs only a small little help in the bass, but in the end there other ways that it sounds.

At the sub menus, I find very disturbing ca not because everything is very well thought out. This is normal given the number of things that we should go to edit in some menus, but the machine is not lack of controls. More than three quarters of the things I need is accessible to me directly. In addition you can make "shortcuts" to change the settings you want via a single page (perf).

Level memory management and sound, it is almost like a computer.

Last longer, it opens the possibility of sequencing / modular control / old analog which opens great perspectives that I had not thought because it seemed to me very complicated.


No manual in french, if the basic options are easy, advanced features are more hassle to capture. I am not a pro synthesis, I needed to ask some explanations on forums.

At first I was a little confused on the "stained" too. Non-experts work to tame the machine. So it is not easy at first, when one is accustomed and we understand, everything seems to flow naturally. (I say that but I made a pretty basic use, ie just pattern mode, I do not chain, and do not use the song mode, which a priori is another world.)

I will not repeat what has been said about the sequencer. It is very well done, it really is a huge plus for the machine. Length of track and a different scale for different parts would have been a plus.

It really is a very complete synth with lots of possibilities and ergonomics of its own. Personally, I'm in and ca annuity works very well despite the complexity and possibilities (I'm not gone as far as possible).

Say that it sounds not direct, it requires a little work.

One regret is that even when the backup is less instinctive, one must navigate a bit.


We can do many things with this synth.

Sounds still good analog at first, but a lot of very fine adjustments are possible. You can really get a lot.

The effects of adding to its thickness. He deserved to have independent effects for each track.

It lacks bass, but with a good set we come to something good and down very low.


I have 2 months.
I'm not a musician at the base, I agree not too computer music. I am a true fan of hardware, I like machines that avoid having to program dozens of things in the machine A to B for the machine so something. The is a treat.

In synth, I've had a virus, evolver. Otherwise, I've had and tons of groovebox / bar / samplers.

It complements well the other Elektron machines, I have a OT and MD.

The machine is excellent, very complete, very independent, many possibilities.
Anyway, I was looking for Forsythe with a real sequencer, it is quite unique in its class.

Its weakness:
- Lack of separate outputs
- Lack of ease in the low

Maybe I dream to complete a specialist bass mono.

I bought OCCAZ (per usual), I remake choice. Given the options, it was worth every penny.