Elektron Monomachine SFX60
Elektron Monomachine SFX60

Monomachine SFX60, Groove Machine from Elektron in the Monomachine series.

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utopik 11/18/2004

Elektron Monomachine SFX60 : utopik's user review


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For CHARACTERISTICS see on the site of Elektron ...
I think the trs are impressive CHARACTERISTICS content opportunities on each track ...
Go less than one because they could have a single 12 tracks ;-)


This is the calm that most competitors. I have a Virus C, and in comparison, is 10 times easier to edit a Monomachine, a Virus ... For me, this is not the same type of machine but hey, when the mono achte, we make things that sound in 2 hours, with the virus, took me 2 months.
Say that the mono is perfect for a beginners, the only problem is that it's not like synth trsgnraliste not the IDAL to start, if hand it is only the electro.
Trs Oriental live, you can really edit any steals.

I saw some people hsitent between mono, virus, polyevolver, but these people did not understand that they are all three machines used diffrent trs. The single is the live, in squenceur synthse and the virus is more orient dj studio, but it's even INTERESTED live for the fiddle sound, and is only polyevolver studio, there are no knobs in ame ... facade (not to mention the fact that the three-level sounds are totally diffrent ...)


Ah the sound ...
Bah, I love the big bass that a lot, and the ct of cold synthetic synthtiseurs Intgr. I think it's got a question ... Let's say it's the total opposite of a polyevolver or an analog synth. Personally, from a sound point of view I bought mainly for synthse FM, and voice that I find gnrateur terrible. APRS, the module superwave pace and not exceptional (knowing that I have a Virus C). But they sound good all the same trs.

But what is INTERESTED in Monomachine is all it REPRESENTATIVES. In fact before me, I had the virus that I was flying with cubase, and it's something else, it was a simple and effective squenceur gnialement (for those familiar with tb, tr, and Other rebirth ...), 6 audio tracks, and 5 DIFFERENT synths in the same box (the penultimate one for OS). We can spend hours on the dial Monomachine without using anything else.

I forgot one important point. Each of the six tracks possde its own effects (delay, filters, EQ, amp), 3 LFOs, and all custom settings are recordable. It is also possible to assign a track FX (reverb, chorus, RingMod, dynamix, etc ...) to put it in insert.
Basically, the mono, it's all in one. It also features six MIDI tracks to drive an expander ...


In short, party j'tais rockshop Karlsruhe my favorite store to buy a Machinedrum SPS1, because I wanted a module with squenceur rhythm to accompany my Virus C. Finally, I tried the Monomachine that made me in the eye and I just cracked ct ...
Even when I took the time to test if I could make something INTERESTED level pace, and I quickly saw that c'tait playable ... Fully using it as a module rhythm, there is plenty to do.
Also, it's been awhile since I heard of guys using it DMOS, and made me feel. Finally, I will invest 100% in the Machinedrum Now I taste the quality of Elektron.