Korg ElecTribe EMX1
Korg ElecTribe EMX1

ElecTribe EMX1, Groove Machine from Korg in the ElecTribe series.

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A64 08/26/2004

Korg ElecTribe EMX1 : A64's user review


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See above for technical info


With regard to the first machine for someone who is a novice like me, it does not take long to get some ides intrressantes succeed.
The manual is clear and informative.
The functions are quickly assimilated and it's good to have fun and get a RaPD rsultat giving good.
Of course there are a few hours to spend on it to be comfortable but you get something for nothing.
Conseillle same when I record your diffrent sequences with a MIDI keyboard connect your electribe rather than saving them not only not. This is much faster and much more musically informative (at least you learn to use a keyboard).

Let's talk about the possibilities live.

This machine is made for that.
All the controls are under your nose in the form of knobs (volume, pitch, filter, eg time ...).
In short all to change the sound in real time.
When I mention it looks easy but the work must have to live for hours and hours of training in order to give a true sense of his music can be good but ds Premire the hours pass on its a grind, and mumuse to piss off the neighbors.

The arpegiator is super super nice what do I with DCON.


With regard to the sound ah ah .....
The sound is warm
From my point of view I sastisfait.
The sound is well suited for all electronic music.
Of course if you want to do the dance hall I advise you arcordeon and a good CD Yvette Horner I embrace the transition.

Ngatifs points:

- Lack a little in the low agressivit.

- Instruments such as violins, guitars are really poor quality (for me)

- Y a lot, but the main one being the possibility of cre your sound and your music.


It has been three months since I use my tribe (and yes we are close now) every day.
I use it in any compound I cre.
It is part of my music and it is an instrument for Entire.

There are some who love or not love, each of these tastes.

At this price CHRE as usual but not regret the purchase.

If I remake c'tait again.