Behringer Tube Modeler TM300
Behringer Tube Modeler TM300

Tube Modeler TM300 , Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Behringer.

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moosers 07/05/2010

Behringer Tube Modeler TM300 : moosers's user review


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The Behringer TM300 Tube Modeler is an overdrive pedal that is to be used with electric guitar. While it is a tube modeler pedal, it doesn't actually have any tubes in it. It's got 1/4" connections for input and output, and can be powered by either a nine volt battery or power supply. It isn't a rack mountable unit as it's a stomp box.


There is actually a good amount of control over your sound with the Behringer TM300 Tube Modeler. It's got three different guitar amp modelers, three gain modes, and three mic placements. The guitar amp modes that it has are for California, Tweed, and British. It also has parameters for level, low and high equalization, and for drive level. I haven't seen a manual for this pedal, but one really shouldn't be necessary.


The tone quality of the Behringer TM300 Tube Modeler really isn't very good. Perhaps I'm spoiled from using so many great overdrive pedals over the years, but I always strive to get the best possible sounds, and that just isn't possible with the TM300. It doesn't have any bottom end to it, making it sound pretty tinny, as it certainly doesn't have enough body. While they try to spice it up by giving you a lot of control over the sound, this really doesn't help if all of the sounds are in the same vein. When I look at overdrive pedals, especially ones that claim to be a tube modeler, I look for a thick and full bodied sound, and I can't say that I hear any of these qualities in the TM300.


While the low price of the Behringer TM300 Tube Modeler will certainly attract a lot of suitors, if you're serious about getting a good sound, I'd highly encourage you to spend a few extra dollars and get something more adequate with a bigger tone. I'd much rather have an Ibanez Tube Screamer with less control over this pedal any day, and the thing is that it really doesn't cost all that much more money. If you want to cut corners and get a cheap pedal that most likely won't last very long, then go with the TM300, but if you want a real overdrive pedal, I'd look elsewhere.