Boss FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman
Boss FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman

FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Boss.

celtwyn 06/23/2012

Boss FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman : celtwyn's user review

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This is an amp emulation Bassman'59 Fender
It has six buttons that are on the same four locations (2x2)
1 - Outside: Medium - Interior: presence
2 - Bass
3 - acute
4 - Outside: Level - Interior: gain
Two separate input Bright or Normal (one active input switches the other, you can not connect two cables together)
- Output (logic)


configuration is simple, one button "presence" may seem puzzling, it changes the sound according to its location ... to test or even because it's subtle ...
the user manual shows possible settings, but you can do what you want.

Caution for sound, it is not enough to turn the "level", we must also put the gain knob at 9 o'clock, because if you leave at least, no sound comes out, even if you turn the bottom level

a small flat on the presentation that can be misleading:
Presence button - Middle, "Presence" is written above and it is the inner knob
Level button - Gain, "level" is written above, but this is outside the button ... This inversion is disturbing at first, because it is believed to turn the "level" and you turn the gain if we do not watch out for registration reversed ...

And the thing that I drunk is having to unplug and replug the jack if I want to switch from Normal to Bright's ... there I found that Boss could have made us one entrance with a small selection button, know so well as do our enthusiast tweaking pedal as MSMworkshop ... or they could have doubled a third button with a external button selection (to avoid damaging their design Boss) ... or put out a "remote" to select the channel ... or a channel selection that changes when you press the pedal, as the Boss Dual Overdrive SD-2 ... When they want, they know very well done!
They think what these engineers?? They believe that the disconnect and reconnect their musicos pedals on stage as it quietly? ("Attention Fred I unplug ..." Plok "... Attention Fred I reconnect ..." Plok "..")

Anything! For these details I would not feeble note 10/10, because then I think they could do better!


I have a simulation on my Bassman Fender Mustang, in general (for those who know) I prefer the yellow preset, but there are basic overdrive it and I do not like. If we exclude the gain of the amplifier without affecting the other buttons, you get the same sound quaziment by plugging the pedal on the Bright channel, and by setting it in the next clear indication of the manual is to say:
- Middle and low: between 1 and 2 hours
- Presence and treble between 10 and 11
- Gain level 9 and 12

So why buy a pedal if I already have a simulation on the amp? Because I found the best on the pedal. I can already adjust the mids on the pedal, then I have no midrange knob on the amp, then I much prefer the overdrive pedal with that amp.
I play a Rickenbacker, which already has good bass and treble control side, this pedal allows me to deepen my lower back of the midrange (I like the clean sound but hot)
As I have a stereo output on my guitar, I can separate the neck pickup (bass) and connect via the pedal on a bass amp, which gives me a warm bass sound, so I can juggle a guitar sound electrical (acute) in a deep bass sound, see the two play together.
I tested on a small travel guitar Shorty and frankly there is no picture, this pedal greatly improves the sound reproduction, thanks to its settings I can lower the treble (too present on the shorty) and give it more low and medium she has not because of his mic stand. The result is magnificent compared to the basic sound of this shorty.
Bright sound is clearer (hence the name ...) there are more highs, so more clarity and brilliance ...

I love the sound of this pedal as soon as I plug I can play with for hours and dream that I have a real Bassman ... In fact it's almost better than a real, because the real button does not "gain" but a volume "Bright" and volume "Normal" .... :-P
Although the result will always depend on his guitar, pickups of the guitar and the amp used ... Me personal, I am fulfilled, I looooooves ...


I bought this pedal used in very good condition for its price argus (of time) and I am very happy.
I would not buy new because they did not find info or video convincing frankly, I wanted to test myself and see if it suited me, and be able to sell if the price of 'argus without losing too much money on it .... Well, I'm not ready to sell it, no, I jealously guard, and look more issue I find very beautiful, even in case it is very classy. :-)

I have not yet tested on a low, but I will publish my opinion when it's done.