Vox Tonelab ST
Vox Tonelab ST
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nilmagicien 05/19/2011

Vox Tonelab ST : nilmagicien's user review

«  more than surprising ..... very well »

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Characteristics have already been given and very well so nothing to add


The config is very simple, the USB did his job, too bad we can not appoint its user presets and that they do not scroll on the small display. The settings of the amp type selector simulated rear (4 positions: vox, fender, marshall and line) change really made sounds and offer opportunities élormément with sélactions speakers. The manual, I did looked rather than to assign or remove the assignment to the expression pedal, only weak point in the Tonelab.


Obviously sounds depend on the material used. I use it on my tube amp with two guitars and a very typical Les Paul Custom (Black Beauty) and strato 1975. The different types of amps are extremely realistic, very fine adjustments of legalization, the pedals are correct throughout with a fine for the tube over drive, the treble boost and distortion shop.
Phaser, delay, echo and reverb without corrests well. The tuner is readable cons to put into circulation must press both buttons at the same time! Acrobat is not! expression pedal I ordered footwear of 47 it is shaped to a dwarf! it measures exactly 16 inches long with a width of 7 cm max !!!!!!! So I let the beast on my desk and it works just fine


I bought the beast to improve my sound. I play a Fender Blues Junior and a Marshall Vintage Modern, a Les Paul Custom and a 75 years old Strato, blues rock music. I put on a facade Morley wah wah and a boost pedal that I got to do with Mojo. With the facade and the Tonelab Disco. I am 5 preset sounds for gibson and 5 for the stratum and basta. The Tonelab is not at all "gas factory", the knobs are really useful and sensitive it looks sturdy. The negative expression pedal! I put on the 47 and it is tiny and his race is ridiculous! is the only negative. So much for less than 200 euros is a super good plan. Given the amount of possible settings with patience everything must improve its scratch sounds.