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studiokid 06/30/2005

A/DA Ampulator : studiokid's user review


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Everything is analog so no numrique


The use is quite Drout at first and can not backup

the bte consists of three parts

simulator floor of this impressive hyper amplification is also not a simulator but a mini floor of amplification with a mini transformer using all December 1 AX7

any parameter can be class A, AB, B.

Part hp is really super efficient simpler than the one chosen his cabinet concurrency (one, two, or four and the nature of hp hp 12 inch or 10 inch celestion or eminence.
The third part consists of two knobs that simulate the position of the microphone on the cabinet.


Live console I just had ToneLab, pod, johnson, digitech, JMP1, mesa, classic SansAmp PSA ...
If you are looking for the easiest to use bcanne this is not the easiest to dpart but once
that the habit is almost the bte moves and the sound is well above any sound at 57 I sm jou of vox AC50 1965 HIWATT of 212 of his blackface fender marshall jtm 45
and the sound is not empty for as long as the baffle height is not Always the momentum is really excellent and complies with the attack on the simulation of mdiator hp are the best I ' I never test a must in terms of sound quality.


I am surprised that no one in France have one.
This stuff is really all standard output direct from your effects loop that the output of a preamp rack.
I think ada burned his local APRS have just released the ampulator the fire forced them to the cl under the door.
Sometimes the marketing around the pod is completely forgotten in this brand dedicates studio
product silent and their product is now far found.