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MGR/Darrell 02/20/2004

Behringer V-Amp Pro : MGR/Darrell's user review

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Purchased from the "Guitar, Amp and Keyboard Centre" Located in Brighton, UK.
Paid £120

For the price, it's a good unit.

I have played guitar for many years, with many artists covering many styles and genre.
I wanted a versatile pre-amp with a wide range of usable tones.
32 Amp models
15 Speaker configurations
Including DSP Chorus,Flange,Rotary,Auto-Wah,Echo,delay,Compressor ect...

The debate regaring amp simulations continues, however take a small piece of advice. Don't view these simulations as the real thing, just high quality usable tones, providing a greater palette from which to draw.
Somewhere within this small metal case IS a tone for most, if not all guitarists. Controls are easy to use, and from the box it is simple to operate. The amp responds well to attack and picking dynamics. Software available from the V-Amp web site provides a simple, yet effective library and editing suite.
Adding the FCB1010 foot controller (£100)increases the flexability of the unit ready for live work.

Some of the pre-sets are not going to suit everybody, however tweak a few knobs and that is soon changed.( minor flaw, still you can't please everbody )!.

Solid sound construction.
Tones are usable and control over these is adjustable.
The DSP is not bad at all 24bit quality.
Connectivity is extensive

The continued saga of transitors verses valves continues, however while the opinions battle it out,the divide draws closer.
So how do the simulations measure up ?
Could you identify, from an anonamious recording, a "Cranked up " Budda Twinmaster or an Engle savage 120.

As approximations go not bad ! Bear in mind that " Tone Lies In The Ear Of The Beholder" !!!!!!
One thing is certain, this unit provides a wide range of tones and is usable for both recording and live work. Providing high end tone.
When recording many a studio engineer has been known to raise a smile as the familiar blue( or red ) pre-amp emerges from the depths of a guitarist gig bag.

Good Unit at a much lower price point than it's main rivals.

Check one out, you may be converted.
I've even taken mine gigging !

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