Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx Ultra
Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx Ultra

Axe-Fx Ultra, Guitar Amp Simulation Rack from Fractal Audio Systems in the Axe-FX series.

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lycan89 10/17/2013

Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx Ultra : lycan89's user review

«  Let's fix this a little bit of its history! »

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Already explained in previous reviews ...


Already explained in previous reviews ...


The people come! I constantly read disgruntled people who eventually use it as a multi-purpose! I think this person is not know how to use the FX axis ... We talk about digital therefore drop our standard guitar speakers!

How correctly simulated HP if you went through a cabinet that has already its own characteristics!
Did you try the speaker system Active PA FRFR?
For my part I test on a FBT Verve 12MA and my current speaker, a Mackie HD 1521! How to say! it is a pure killer! The sounds are simulated as well! especially with a professional IR pack to simulate HP! And ... I assure you that buries a ca lamps amps ;)

Made the test, used the machine at 100%! And give your opinion by following :)


We must know how to live with the times and go to evolution!

Ie, device, Live, and repeat home studio all in one! The Swiss army knife of amps!