Line 6 POD Pro
Line 6 POD Pro

POD Pro, Guitar Amp Simulation Rack from Line 6 in the POD Pro series.

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Roger33 02/15/2003

Line 6 POD Pro : Roger33's user review


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We do more Submitted Pod, which provides simulation MODELS 32 amp and 15 speakers and MODELS of all if you flat with a small section of a few light effects but dpanne well.

A publisher of PC comes with ... However, it has an unfortunate tendency to plant with my Systm, and the connection of two MIDI ncessaire is ... suddenly, I do not use it. It's a shame, because sharing sites rglages can change files used with the Pod. I would really the problem ... RULES

In terms of connectivity, we particulirement gt with the Pod pro, with AES / SBU, analog outputs, an effects loop, and especially an SP / DIF

You can of course use it with a pdalier noon, optional (Line 6) or other
It is, as the photo suggests, a version 19 '2 units ...


Nothing is easier than edit a sound with the Pod Pro! : We choose the p'tit amp, a speaker type (you can also bypass the speaker type), we add the effect you want ... and much sr is the param RULES tres drive, legalization, volume output ...
Only thing not really practical use ncessaire hold the button to select some amps, some paramtres (including output volume numrique) MODEL and the speaker (would it t no more sense to direct The models available speaker rather than the effects??)

In terms of amps, you should know the assay paramtres (drive, bass ...) depends on the type of amp select.

The presets are honntes, without being fabulous (except those in section n9!)

The manual is adequate and allows himself even small touches of humor, always nicer than Australian type manual Roland ...


We arrive in the heart of the matter:
yes, simulated amp (I use them even if not all) are really ... aaah ... fabulous ... and especially for use in the studio (because what you hear is what is really recorded!) over the investments of micro dangerous! Live, I never tried. but it seems it's not on top of APRS what I read on the forums

My prfrs MODELS: The Rectified 2 clean the line 6 amp and MODEL obtained with the Hold and line 6 insane (the clean of it is really great!)

I use it with an Ibanez Sabre S540FM (team of paf pro and tonzone), and with good old loop GX700 (the coup, I use the section not really effect the Pod) and input I sometimes try e A helping boost pedals with a boss MT-2, to give a little more attack

I do not know the original amps and I could not compare them with simulations ... but the simulations are all the same good quality of trs. Line 6 MRIT its really reputable.

However, I am a strong bump in the medium, and Rectified and consors The models, one is sometimes tempted to push a little more saturation ... o the usefulness of MT2 in SERIES ... I like and I ...


I play a lot in the progressive directory (type Spock's Beard, flowerkings, RPWL, Porcupine Tree ...), which ncessite often a wide range of sounds .. and the pod has done everything for me!

The pros: the quality of simulations amp / speaker in the studio, the diversity of what we can play with (you can combine any amp with any speaker type ...), the size, robustness, SPDIF output, effects loop, the whawah with trs trs pdalier really good (I still have my place to cry baby ...)

The -: we are sometimes too, the bump in the medium that it can correct the effects section (a little light, but the pod is primarily a simulator so not shock me ...), a button hold

I pay in USD in 4900 to The Universe last August ... I think I referrer the same choice despite the release of the pod XT (not super size and effect section that interest me ...). No problem, I referrer the same choice!