Das Musikding The Range - Germanium Treble Booster Kit
Das Musikding The Range - Germanium Treble Booster Kit

The Range - Germanium Treble Booster Kit, Guitar/Bass booster from Das Musikding.

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Pouce30 09/13/2007

Das Musikding The Range - Germanium Treble Booster Kit : Pouce30's user review


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Okay so this is a treble booster pedals (Rangemaster clone) is even up.
Frankly, no need to be lectronicien to build this kit.
Good technology used is based on germanium transistors (AC128 is not but sounds exactly the same, although the circuit Designed t).

- In (guitar)
- Out (amp)
- 9v power supply for a boss type
- Snap for a 9V battery

I add that it's true-bypass is important.


Level configuration is simple:
- A button to boost the level of
- A 3-position switch diffrent color boost.
With the switch it has a position in the high frequencies become very sharp, a slightly softer grain vintage trs and a more soft or even clean.
Both say they not go three hours to find the rglage're looking for.


Noise level is exactly what I wanted. My Fender Deluxe 72 sounds a bit "dark" and I needed the boost on the treble.
On clear channel, according to the position of the switch gives a boost almost clean, a typical vintage and more modern and "crunch" will.
A channel has saturated beyond saturation to adding the grain that goes to a british well, that's my main use.
I do not use it to boost my solos, but really it to improve the sound of my guitar pedals but this can all accomplish that task done.


It's been several months since I use it and I'm still as happy, and I use its saturated at all times, even I ask myself the question.
Derrire a Fuzz Factory has added the versatility of this plant fuzz, really tested.
Well I had not really tried other boost before, must be said that has cost the bestiolles while the euro and thirty HOP sound that kills.
So qualitprix unbeatable report (if you have a soldering iron a dj and a drill).
I would do if this choice? It is sr ...