Das Musikding The Range - Germanium Treblebooster kit
Das Musikding The Range - Germanium Treblebooster kit

The Range - Germanium Treblebooster kit, Guitar/Bass booster from Das Musikding.

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Buttle 08/08/2011

Das Musikding The Range - Germanium Treblebooster kit : Buttle's user review

«  Sound in kit! »

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Clone of the famous Dallas Rangemaster Treblebooster used by a variety of guitar of the seventies. (See Gallagher, whose sound is emblematic of this effect).
It acts on the overall gain by adding a subtle distortion / overdrive.
The bass signal is slightly recessed output which allows the rest of the spectrum to "breathe" giving the impression of "presence" to the sound of the guitar.
The circuit is entirely analog, built around a single germanium transistor, which gives an indescribable warmth to the effect.

Another feature, but sized for certain: This is a kit!
But it's definitely worth because the result is simply great!

It is available (by you!)
- A switch that selects between three characteristics (full, treble and classic) that act schematic "low cut" on the level before amplification (this is one more than in the original).
- A knob "boost" that plays on the output level and also on the level of distortion generated by the pedal.


Use with a tube amp because of the principle is the signal-vitamins and stuff on the floor for pre-amplification.


Sound quality summarized in one word: Wow!
Once triggered not do without ... it's as if you had your amp has always hidden its lethargy!

The doors open ... Page Blackmoore Gallagher ahhhrgggg Clapton! We understand why some sounds mythical remained inaccessible.

The knob "boost" to adjust the sound level rises and also the amount of distortion (and vice versa!)
Once the level set on the pedal, it becomes magical.
With knobs on the guitar was on hand for the sound crisp and clear overdrive until hot but not dripping bass.


I have never used the original, but I found the sound I always dreamed of with this clone!
Is unlike any overdrive / distortion I know.
Finally adopted in less than ten minutes, my Tube Screamer, Fulltone OCD I love it and my Vox can not believe her circuits!

All of which are delivered in kit form, so be a little handy and know how to use a soldering iron to reach the final result.
But everything is very well documented on the site of Musikding, and the realization I was not a problem.
The most advanced / purists can adjust the bias of the transistor (see the site on the Dallas Rangemaster Geofex which gives the procedure to be applied)

Unbeatable value for money: the kit is a thirty brouzoufs!