Mesa Boogie Tone-Burst
Mesa Boogie Tone-Burst

Tone-Burst, Guitar/Bass booster from Mesa Boogie.

Artsurf 07/20/2014

Mesa Boogie Tone-Burst : Artsurf's user review

«  Very good product »

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This is a pedal that can have several functions.

For specifications, refer to the various sites.

It is True-Bypass.

Alim 9V Boss guy.

Building trust.


A knob to manage the volume (by setting it to 9:00 is the same volume as when the effect is bypassed, which provides a significant reserve volume).

A gain knob.

A knob serious and treble (very effective but neutral when at 12 o'clock settings).

Easy to use.

I use it in several scenarios:

- To increase my volume

- To cruncher amp

- As equalizer

I use it with guitars and bass.


The sound quality is at the rendezvous. This boost does not radically transcends your sound, but as soon as you snap it brings this little "extra" that makes you can not turn it off.

The pedal is not fully transparent, it brightens the sound, just makes you need more bright, it is not in excess. I think the pedal adds a chouilla mediums, which helps to break.

Gain control allows cruncher a tube amp, but beware this is not an overdrive, its action is quite subtle. But it brings a real plus.


I bought this pedal there is less than a month in sales at Guitarshop.

It serves me as well to sculpt the sound of the bass and add gain, which work better for the sound of my Vox AC15C2 especially on the clean channel has no EQ or add a little more gain for cruncher.

Obviously, this is not a dramatic effect, I finally if you are on this page is that you want a kind of boost and you know what it is.

For me it is a little more than just boost. This is a very valuable tool to play live and sound in all circumstances.

I note though that this is my first boost it difficult to give an opinion that is truly objective.

In sales, the ratio Q / P is quite interesting.

I made this choice a little blind because I had never tried to boost and bought the product online. It was very difficult to have an opinion in French where my review on this product, because we are all very happy to find reviews before buying a product.

With experience, yes, I do it again this choice.