TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) RangeKing power booster
TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) RangeKing power booster

RangeKing power booster, Guitar/Bass booster from TAD (Tube Amp Doctor).

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hildgen 06/02/2006

TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) RangeKing power booster : hildgen's user review


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It's a booster, then use a simple overdrive ...

Input, Output, 9V connector ... standard, indeed!
The battery, do not forget your screwdriver in concert, it is necessary to disassemble the housing to be ACCS, as in 72!

The rglages:
The "GAIN" adds 25dB. Attention should not be confused with overdrive! The peak overdrive the signal is saturated when it comes dj amp. The boost, he, amplifies the signal without crter. The signal coming amp is clear, yet powerful ... so powerful that it tortures the poor 12AX7 (it is safe!) which is just the APRS between the amp. And what it does, the 12AX7 when the blow a little too hard? It saturates, and it's beautiful ...
The "Ball" (I'll let you bring) is a tone we'll talk about below ...


There is no manual and no shortage.

How it works
One branch is pressed, sends a!

Small precision on the gain: in rglage mini, you have nothing at all. Very practical with the amp a little rough whose volume comes delivered once it Exceeds the 2 ds! This boost can also limit the signal to play quietly without rveillez the cat (for cons, the sound is super clear ... normal).

Trs important with multiple pedals, it is better to connect the RangeKing last, just before the amp, otherwise it is the pedals is he who takes the APRS Lightning and the grain may be dcevant.

What else? Ah yes, you can afford long lengths of cable between it and the amp, the loss of gain with Cables too long before becoming ngligeable 25 dB.

What philosophy should be adopted?
I see two:
1 - It is allowed to run continuously (but what use the bypass?) To the grain base, its rhythmic IDAL and balance it between two channels of the amp to have two volume levels (more strong for the solos, I know, there is much rflchir the above!)
2 - It is only used to give a volume supplmentaire momentarily (even the solos!)
For me, it's a solution, it is difficult to dye trs ...


Well, we understand, this thing forces your amp to saturate itself as a major, so the sound quality is more intimately binds that of your amp.
I give you my opinion on the branch just before RangeKing a Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb reissue ... (Ie, no distortion intgre, an amp lamp, clear channel ...)

GAIN RangeKing the bottom (it is rock and roll or we do not!), The amplifier begins to saturate Volume 2. In volume 3, we get a grain of PERIOD Malcolm Young Bon Scott, then the higher up the volume of the amp, the more saturated.

The Ball is a tonality that provides low trssduisantes and small enough (a is not a big WOOOOOOF deafening attack that kills half of a pretty serious but J'DONNNNNGGGGG bodied and dynamics ).

In Manir gnrale the RangeKing is transparent, we recognize his guitar and amp and it is rare and prcieux.

Last update 02/06/06:
I tried with my electro acoustic. Guitar -> King Range -> PA:
Volume guitar background, Gain Range King King Range Balls bottom and bottom.
Although sr, it corrects the gain input on the mixer to avoid saturation and sound is ... SUPER!
Many bodies, prsence, wealth and a clean sound (with my electro acoustic which is not prampli trs powerful).


To try it with an amp lamp!
It's the sound of your amp, with more bite, more than J'DONNNNGGGG, a natural saturation ds The beginning of the race knob of the amplifier, in short, a wonder that leaves continuously in operation.
The boost given did not want to try the Fulltone Fat Boost is much more expensive.