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Forums 04/15/2010

A/DA MicroCab :'s user review


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Everything has been said .. pure analog no noon, a true speaker simulation what!

tt top is simple, does pushing buttons, you turn 3 knobs and presto!

Perfectly adapted, super realistic.
Egnater IE4 preamp used and tests with POD XT (see below!), Telecasters and Gibson 335.
With a tele and a good tube preamp ... frankly it rocks.

It's been very long as a day in hunting ... this unit is crazy!
namely, the 1st post posted is too true: the best simus is pressing ANY button (little manipulation to be done if none is permanently active), and there ... c is the treat. C is so good that I even wonder if the next record jvas piss me off to plug my head and my Marshall JMP 4 * 12 "Greenbacks! É yes!
I've even tried heresy .... brace yourself! J have the POD XT in bazaars, of course, by not putting any simulation of HP in the Pod, it is essential! ! !
And then this POD Chow dynamics, all stunted, become a tear ... it sends engraved in the sound card ... it looks like my 100W tezte screaming!
then not bother to buy an X3 guys ....
In short, it sounds very realistic, impeccable for big guitars home studio without having to yell a head 100 W ... a pure delight.
Only flaw: very very hard to find!