crosby2fr 07/03/2012

Carl Martin Rock Bug : crosby2fr's user review

«  Danish knife »

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The rock bug is the Danish knife (Swiss Army knife in course)
It has many uses and is doing pretty well. This is the analog, built to last.
Battery powered or mains (power supply not included).

Use # 1:
On a pedal board that serves as a DI (direct box) output with cannon, and speaker simulator (cabinet open or closed), so she set up in the end just before the mixing console. Even if you normally use an amp, have it below the elbow will get us out of m ... in the event of unexpected failure (for example lamp HS).

Use # 2:
It serves as a console mix between the guitar and the ipod for example, in places where one is not near a power source (9V battery operation), as the beach, to the bottom of the garden, in the middle of a field, near a lake ... etc. You plug the ipod pin jacks on both left-right (it is necessary in this case an adapter), you plug the guitar. It adjusts the sound level of the guitar and ipod (2 separate knobs) and listen to the mix from the headphone jack.

Di side, making no complaints, except that one could have predicted a switch-20db, to send to the console. The guitar sound effects and is not distorted, and the difference between HP and HP closed cabinet open cabinet is clearly audible (especially in the midrange and the bass). If the console is good (analog) sound a lot like what I get with my tube amp.

Mix away from any side, it was just a clear enough medium for the guitar and not very powerful. We must turn down the iPod in order to hear the guitar ... difficult to explode with all the head. So it is not about to upset anyone. Lol. Rather, it is reserved for those of us who travel frequently with their guitar (electric) and want to work at their instrument headset without tons of stuff.

I use it mostly for my DI répets which are the headphones via a mixing console. I have not tried many analog devices, but several cranks "cosmetic" zoom, vox, boss. It's just an opportunity that I bought that one rather than another. But I am totally satisfied. It does the job well. Much better in all cases these digital pedals that I could practice in the past.