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drguet 08/25/2011

Carl Martin Rock Bug : drguet's user review

«  Great tool »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Pedal analogue to pro-series from Carl Martin powered by a battery or power supply 9 volt Boss format (not possible to feed the 48v console)

This is a clean amp simulator with a general and a master volume for the guitar and a switch to simulate an open or closed cabinet and a direct box (DI).

Format input jack that turns on the pedal with a nice blue LED, format output jack acting as a mono headphone output with both channels driven, an XLR balanced output format

An auxiliary stereo input to RCA format.

Stack accessible by screwdriver

Foam pad for stability

Extremely easy setup
Manuel standing on one page

Make sure you set the volume low enough guitar to avoid clipping the signal.

It has a clean amp approaching the sound of a Roland JC120 respectful of the guitar pickups and haven for all kinds of pedals. It is his greatest quality, allow to rediscover his effects pedals and his work sounds without disturbing the neighbors.

The switch open / closed produces a subtle difference in sound.

The headphone output level is enough to power my Sennheiser HD25 or my Shure SRH840.

I use it every day and the original battery still holds since January.

In summary box of DI practice, a headphone amp and a convenient testing ground for its pedal.

Only the battery change is tedious.

most: sound quality and impeccable craftsmanship
Cons: battery access, does not phantom power

Excellent value for money