Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101

Torpedo VB-101, Guitar Cabinet Simulator from Two Notes Audio Engineering in the Torpedo series.

Public price: $2,099 VAT
skyzoid 09/22/2010

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101 : skyzoid's user review


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See below for complete specifications and uses.

Speaker simulator (great choice) and making sound through microphones available in the bug, this format rack. We selected her pregnant, her microphone, just have to tweak the sound with the microphone placement and post-fx section (eq., compressor, exciter, stereo output for headphones).

The Torpedo is usable with a computer via the small software (Remote Torpedo) to download from the site-Two Notes. It shows what is done with, and it can download new speakers regularly and available free.

Connectors Ultra Complete (Input / output analog / digital).

The goal: to save his home amp or head amp (or on stage without lugging tons of gear) with the volume you want without disturbing the neighbors or explode the ears. This with a quality pro.

The setup is relatively simple, the manual is clear but is fairly short (no examples of manipulation '), it must guess the basic elements and then just come to me. About one hour to remove the fears and after that ride.

Editing sounds is easy, but we must spend time to approach the sound that comes to mind, as between the different chambers (which radically altered the sound of your amp), microphones and their placement end, as saying that there were many possibilities as to its final report.

Audio quality is top-end, conceived and designed as such. You plug your amp, you set (if you're used to the sound and mix you go faster).

I connect over a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue (and played with a Telecaster, Squier or a low-and yes, the Torpedo is as dedicated to the bass guitar only, evidenced by its 8 simus speaker low base), sound quality is surprising now, using this gear to 5% of its possibility is there now in a different world than the Pod and his ilk (I am ...). The presence of sound, its finesse, nuances of play followed, feeling that the amp lights are there, in short it's beautiful.

Me I had to relearn how to adjust the amp because you can push all you want without disturbing anyone at all, which requires fine-tune the settings.

I've had a week I spend time to refine the sound but I am thrilled with this purchase. At the outset I say aloud that no, it's not so expensive, as others have said, to have the equivalent (speaker / mic / studio, etc.), the price would be unimaginable with Torpedo we are in a sound pro, gross (before mixing in the studio), he must look, listen, adjust, but the sound is still there ... and then, as said above this is an evolving product for free (download new speakers and improvement of the product).

I had before it a Pod xt Pro, coupled with a Universal Audio preamp and converter RME, bein there we are really far above any level! I sound a week ago that I'd never have had two years of records!

I'm going to live with this essential tool, not experimentation, I try to keep things simple but true, I am served.

If I lose / stolen from me / break it, I attack a bank and repaid me a line. No turning back after testing it ...