Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101

Torpedo VB-101, Guitar Cabinet Simulator from Two Notes Audio Engineering in the Torpedo series.

Public price: $2,099 VAT
xabi4 02/22/2010

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101 : xabi4's user review


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itself is actually a simulator for miking guitar and bass

namely that his amp branch above the speaker cable and the device acts as a load balancer + simulation of a cabinet (currently 28 to choose) and a microphone (at day 8 of your choice) with output "audio" (to plug into the mixer, headphones, sound card etc. ..)

presented 2u rack is controllable and exploitable either directly in front with buttons and switches is virtually from your computer

the revolution brought by this "toy" is simple:
juser my amp fetish ..... the volume that I want .... without m'exploser ears (depending on the setting of each) or to piss off the neighbors but also with a confusing record of realism and interaction quite phenomenal making sounds (choices speaker, microphone choice, distance, angle etc ...)


configuration is very simple and quite clear and precise manual
if you have any questions, Two Notes responds quickly and with a smile

I also specified that I am not a fan of boutonite ... so it's simple and understandable

editing sounds is easy, at first, to do something totally realistic

on the other hand is added to that a whole range of settings compressors, filters up, down (and so on) that sharks studio know how to handle a lot better than I used to tweaking the sound, especially for recording, I n 'have so far not mastering ......

whether for the basic lazy (me) or the sound engineer: practical, clear, without making head (or so it is voluntary)

of this view is still the top

The panel of speakers and microphones at your disposal various permits, with the same amp settings and radically change its sound and always with a confusing reality

being adept oriented vintage amp (Marshall, orange TT) had initially a bit worried that this technology does not make as much good sound neat kind of clean or distortion shred most accurate kind vai, Lukat, petrucci etc. . (I like it anyway, huh ..) and do not make too much good old crunch or clean a little dirty .... well I was surprised!

in fact renders this machine exactly what he sent, but above all he can combine the original signal response vintage or "modern" we want

I completely rediscovered my marshall 6101 anniversary combined with a good old cab SLASH MARSHALL 1960 or (yes, really) on the crunch channel with a good or a good old telecaster les paul

secondly, the owner of a cab TriAmp physics, I found exactly the record associated with my amp simulation available on the HP TriAmp TORPEDO

about the sounds I like least: some simulation of the shredder plant precisely, but only because it's less my sound universe ........ not because it is poorly done

that's almost 2 months that I possess

considering the price, I bought a little Scared (2000 € if people like it not, it can hurt morale) and I was reassured when the 2nd hour of use

if you can, test .. but beware!!

try it now!

your gear, used in normal volume (or background) on a cab in virtual rendering professional, manageable by any sound engineer on stage or studio, or just leaving home sleeping neighbors .... . it is now possible!

thank you TWO NOTES