Ibanez M5C
Ibanez M5C

M5C, Guitar Case/Bag from Ibanez.

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MGR/Ricardo 12/12/2003

Ibanez M5C : MGR/Ricardo's user review

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Bought from a catalougue for £150, with bag, 10watt amp and strap.

I like this guitar because, it has all the stuff you need to get started out. I didn't want to spend much on a electric guitar, because I didn't think I would stick at it, but once i get better i will spend £300 on a guitar.

The one thing I don't like about this guitar is the quality of the pick-ups, of course there not going to be that good, you seem to get a lot of feed back, but thats all.

The quality of the guitar is very good, the finish is good, everything on it is good.
It just looks like a very expenisve Fender strat, exept the head-stock is a bit different..

I would recodmend this guitar to any one just starting out, its not woth spending loads if u just start out, the guitar itself is brilliant, very good sounding, the pick-ups let it down. Bu very good guitar.

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