Ibanez M5C
Ibanez M5C

M5C, Guitar Case/Bag from Ibanez.

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MGR/Anonymous 02/26/2004

Ibanez M5C : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I bought the guitar from project music in exeter for £250 pounds. it looked different and i just really liked the shape.

It looks awesome. the detuner behind the bridge would be really usefyl for people who like to drop tune. tne neck is really nice but i did get the action lowered for better playibility. i like the pickups for the price but i stuck in a gibson pickup at the bridge and a seymour duncan at the neck and its imp-roved the sound immeasureably

The tuners move really easy and its always going out of tune. Its kinda heavy

When i got it everything wasz perfect and pristine . Thi input jack tends to get loose during gigging but it might just be mine.

A really good guitar for the price and it looks really good

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