Ibanez M5C
Ibanez M5C

M5C, Guitar Case/Bag from Ibanez.

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MGR/Anonymous 03/01/2004

Ibanez M5C : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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got it second hand on adtrader.co.uk this does not mean this website is bad it rules i was just unluky
the reason why i bought it is because i got a amp and the guitar for 30.00

the only thing good about it is if you can get it second hand cheap in tip top con you lets say 30.00 you can sell it off for a profit

evrything the action is terrible the quality
is terrible would not stay in tune for 1 min
everything about it was shabby if you are going to get a stater guitar, get a fender squire for hells sake the are the brillient for the price

bad bad bad i will only bye one of these errrrm well things to sell of for a profit and give them to another poor foolish soul hehehehe

please dont by these things it will give you a mental breakdown do the musical world a favour find where the encore factory is and destroy it burn it

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