Boss DC-3 Digital Dimension & Digital Space-D
Boss DC-3 Digital Dimension & Digital Space-D

DC-3 Digital Dimension & Digital Space-D, Chorus for Guitar from Boss.

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Jofree 08/08/2005

Boss DC-3 Digital Dimension & Digital Space-D : Jofree's user review


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Effect pedals between the chorus and Leslie. Stereo output possibility. 4 knobs: E. Level, EQ, Rate and Depth. Warning, it is best to feed the external power supply with pedals!


Difficult to make simple, turn and module.


As mentioned above, you are, when using Stereo, at the intersection of a chorus and a Leslie. It's really that moment that the pedals comes into its own. The chorus is trslger, the limit of the imperceptible and yet the sound is l. Ideal for clean sounds or with a bit of overdrive.


I had one for 80 in perfect state. I kept about 8 months. This effect clearly type your scratching sound, which is what I liked and dplu at the same time because in the end, you tend to let her turn for the "Dimension" and it brings dpendant become. Once you put it off, you feel that your sound has become ... bland. You may say, guitars, amplifiers, microphones, cords, fingers, etc. are typing your sound, but if like me you like your pedalboard rduire its simplest form, you can do without. Despite a, it brings a subtle colors rev your instrument. Otherwise, let's be honest, you can find virtually the same sound through a chorus trslger stro carefully rgl.