Caline CP-13 Super Chorus
Caline CP-13 Super Chorus

CP-13 Super Chorus, Chorus for Guitar from Caline.

SanSystem 11/04/2013

Caline CP-13 Super Chorus : SanSystem's user review

«  A Chorus cheap and sounds! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Chorus, very easy to use.


Deph a knob to adjust the depth of the effect.
Rate a knob to adjust the oscillation speed of the chorus.

A FootSwitch (True Bypass) to activate the effect.


This is very nice.
Especially for the price.

Enough to cover the basic needs of a Chorus


The quality is more than acceptable.
The knobs respond well and are progressive on all the race.
Very good price / quality / sound report notes valid for much of the range in Caline, with a special mention for their Delay (CP-19), which is just down.