Danelectro DJ-7 MilkShake Chorus
Danelectro DJ-7 MilkShake Chorus

DJ-7 MilkShake Chorus, Chorus for Guitar from Danelectro in the DJ series.

Desmodue 08/28/2010

Danelectro DJ-7 MilkShake Chorus : Desmodue's user review

«  Its ok, no reliable ... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Chorus basic price floor. Small box, a big box of matches, and the original look, how old radio of the 50's! Even the included battery has a deco typed "retro", it is in the style vintage thoroughly.


There are only 2 buttons (Enough) "speed" and "depth" really small, but whose function is to switch off évidente.Le is not a true bypass, it just puts the settings to zero. Alas ...
The case is plastic (thick, but still ...) so beware of kicking too enthusiastic ...
Little greedy in batteries, a nice surprise.


Chorus traditional, clean and not intrusive, short breath except when the battery fails. Effect off the basic sound of the guitar is not really respected, above, as it happens when even the entire circuitry of the pedal. As against this false bypass is totally silent.


To: no cumbersome, efficient, cheap.
Cons: bypass which is not a particularly reliable and very poor.

Mine has dropped as soon as the warranty is over ... Sound interruptions ups, replaced by a pervasive background or some sort of feedback (!), In short it is unusable. Needless also to try to repair all components are "CMS" and of course references not found: the direction the nearest dustbin!

Some will be lucky to escape these problems but I would not venture to take over another, even if it is not expensive.