Danelectro CC-1 Chorus
Danelectro CC-1 Chorus

CC-1 Chorus, Chorus for Guitar from Danelectro in the Cool Cat series.

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philtheheat 02/02/2009

Danelectro CC-1 Chorus : philtheheat's user review


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Classical chorus pedals with rglages usual:
Speed ​​(speed of effect)
Depth (depth effect)
Mix / Eq (Mix between modified signal and raw signal of the guitar)
(Stable sound low pass filter)

Like all cool cat, this is a plastic pedals but seems sturdy enough. To see usage drop not enough.


Rglage of the knobs is pretty inaccessible, n'esprez not change its live or so take advantage of a 5-minute intro in which you do not play.

Otherwise the manual is clear and bright, two suggestions give a glimpse rglages intrressant the tense of the possibility of pedals.

I put 7 because of Access in knobs, even if you change too much this kind of effect that is currently set, when even if we wanted we could not ...


Frankly the price I fell to the ground. I bought it because I had no chorus pedals I sold my lease there is a BOSS CH-1 ddont I n'tais not convinced.
In short I needed toffe my sound in the group or I play and I think that hair chorus is never wrong but not want to put 150 or more in high-end MODELS.

So I Achte, I Kings, I direct the branch without touching the rglages and what his surprise! Better than the chorus of my Roland JC-50 amp it mean when even!

I find her hot, round as I like. J'tais frankly surprised and pleased with this good investment.
I tested it with my Tlcaster and with a team of Washburn Humbuckers Gibson Classic.
I have a preferences for the rendering of the T because the pedals he brings more heat by cutting trslgrement treble (at least on that rglage j ' had now l.


I just have not too much recoil. But the first home test REALLY convinced me. I did not of references in the field but beware, there is talk of a 40 pedals! Much better than my old Boss, I had not had this thunderbolt the era.

I advise you, eyes closed unless you have an ide trs prcise what you want and you already have tried everything which is done by Chorus ... But if you want to make your sound volume, I mean the size, and body heat Do not hesitate, you sduira the pedals!