denied 07/31/2011

Foxrox AQUAVIBE : denied's user review

« Throbbing modulation madness »

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- Compact vibe enclosure
- Analog circuitry
- Optical vibe
- Expression pedal input
- Top mounted switchcraft jacks
- Powered by standard boss style 9v negative center
- Blinking green LED speed indicator
- Red LED indicator
- Controls for speed, width, and Center
- Chorus/Vibrato switch
- True Bypass
- Internal level, bright, speed trimmers


Beautifully built. Dave Fox is definitely one of the best builders on the boutique market. It’s small and compact which is rare among true optical vibes, yet perfect for a crowded pedalboard. Very sturdy and well put together, I wouldn’t worry about reliability with this one. Speed and width (depth) controls are standard. The center control on the other hand, is unique to the Aquavibe circuit, and very helpful. It allows you to control what frequency the swirling modulation is centered around, making it by far the most versatile univibe I’ve used.


It sounds absolutely incredible. If you haven’t tried a univibe yet, do yourself a favor. It’s basically a throbbing effect that combines tremolo, vibrato, chorus, and phase shifting. The Aquavibe can produce anything from a light throb and shimmer to psychedelic madness that kidnaps your sound. I did find it a little difficult to find a good midpoint between those two extremes, but that is really a personal deal. There isn’t a setting on it that will sound “bad” you just need to take your time and dial it in.


Hands down the best Univibe I’ve used. The build quality is beautiful and compact, it sounds unreal, and has more functionality and versatility than any other vibe I’ve used. If you can get your hands on one of these, it is a keeper. The downside is the price and availability. These are difficult to make, and Dave only does a handful at a time, I believe the waiting list runs at about a year. Used prices are pretty inflated as well. A cheaper alternative is the Fulltone Deja Vibe, and if you’re looking for something high end, the Megavibe is fantastic, though to my understanding, no longer made.
But all said and done, the Aquavibe is the one to get in my opinion, and It has my strong recommendation.

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