Harley Benton CH-100
Harley Benton CH-100

CH-100, Chorus for Guitar from Harley Benton.

CautionHot 12/27/2009

Harley Benton CH-100 : CautionHot's user review


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A chorus .. Very simple and very effective ;-)!
It's typical to base (level, tone, rate & depth) ..


The vamp .. then what.
It sounds very good, as well as the Boss Ch-1 .. So why miss out?
It sounds easy to find research (if you're looking for the clean sound of Metallica live .. Penssez a shovel in the cot synthtique EMG); short, Ecstasy.


Nothing to say .. If it is only on an amp transistors, one quickly reaches the holy grail.
On a tube amp, you have this warm cot (the chorus does not sound dnature)
And especially it has an advantage norm: NOT BREATH! Not a hair out of breath, compared to the Behringer pedals and especially for the price, I'm pleasantly surprised.


Gnial! There's that word that comes to mind when I talk about this chorus! Simply fantastic!
For less than 30 euros, Harley gives us a chorus in metal casing, no breath, accsa battery ais (same principle as the Boss) and above; Chorus par excellence!
I would do this 100 times if we had choices!