Maxon PAC9 Pure Analog Chorus
Maxon PAC9 Pure Analog Chorus

PAC9 Pure Analog Chorus, Chorus for Guitar from Maxon in the 9 (Reissue) series.

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Berzin 12/27/2010

Maxon PAC9 Pure Analog Chorus : Berzin's user review


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As the name suggests, it is analog. It has a depth adjustment, a speed control, a switch that changes the sound and one for brightness. It has an output of no effect for a stereo. External power or battery.


The manual is simple, at the same time there are few settings.


I'm not an expert on the chorus, but the sound is high quality. On a good amp and guitar that follows, we obtain excellent results. The adjustments are very effective. I especially like the sound with a low speed. The large class as often (always?) At Maxon.


I have for ten months. I bought it used, even then, the tariff hurts. But is there a choice? In any case the manufacturing quality and the sound does not disappoint. That is important and I have not seen a chorus of quality at low prices. I bought it because I am very satisfied with Maxon pedals I have already. Cheap but quality ... Good chorus