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  • Luker Chameleon

    Luker Chameleon - "Perfect sound high end quality tube amp " has images


    All tube, hand wired eyelet board and point to point circuit. 20 watt output. GZ34 rectifier,two 6V6, 12AT7 driver, two 12AX7 preamp, 12AU7 reverb send, 12AX7 reverb return. Single input. Controls are gain (pre EQ), gain (post EQ), volume, treble, tr…

  • Fender Stage 112 SE

    Fender Stage 112 SE - "how much should i sell it for?"


    its a solid state. very loud compact, great jammin amp.I have never turned it up passed 2. even at practise. dont see to many for sale. So curious to how much i should ask for it. UTILIZATION only typing something here cuz site is making me lol …

  • Line 6 DT50 212

    Line 6 DT50 212 - "On the fence about the DT50 212"


    The Line 6 DT50 212 is a 50 watt guitar amplifier that has a vintage style look to it but a very modern build. Line 6 generally makes some of my favorite guitar amps when it comes to the tube and drivers. This amplifier is well worth the money that …

  • Marshall 4102 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999]

    Marshall 4102 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999] - "Classy!"


    It's an all-tube Marshall (3 X 12AX7 for the preamp and 4 EL34 for the power stage) that delivers 100 watts (switchable to 50 watts). It has 2 channels, with volume, gain and reverb control each. The EQ is common to both channels (Low, medium, trebl…

  • Vox Mini3

    Vox Mini3 - "Great for home use"


    Features 7/10 It's a small, 3-watt, solid-state amp full of digital effects for home use. It can be battery or mains powered, you can connect an MP3 player to it, as well as headphones... Use 8/10 Hyper simple dialing, everything is written on …

  • Marshall 4102 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999]

    Marshall 4102 JCM900 Dual Reverb [1990-1999] - "Great quality"


    Tube amp with 4 EL34 power tubes and 3 ecc83 for the preamp stage, 100w 2 Celestion speakers. I've used it for 20 years every weekend for about 5/6 hours and it has always sounded impeccable. I changed the tubes once, I equipped it with a IBANEZ EU4…

  • Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus

    Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus - "It puts up with low frequencies!"


    Solid-state amp with one 12AX7 preamp tube Standard connections. 2x40 watts with two 12" Celestion G12T speakers Stereo chorus and reverb Open back USE You plug in, turn the knobs and play... SOUND To me, this amp is a must for deat…

  • Marshall TSL602

    Marshall TSL602 - "My first-ever Marshall dissapointment."


    The Marshall TSL602 is a 60-watt 2 x 12 Guitar Amplifier with three channels, one clean and two overdrive. The amplifier is powered by two EL34 power valves and driven by four ECC83 preamp valves. The speakers on-board are two specially-designed "Wol…

  • Peavey Vypyr 15

    Peavey Vypyr 15 - "A Pawn Shop score that turned into a great practice amp"


    The Peavey Vypyr 15 is a 15-watt solid-state modeling combo amp with an 8" speaker on-board and a variety of different amps, channels, stomp box effects, and other features. Being only 15 watts, the functionality of this amp is somewhat limited. Ther…

  • Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 100 Combo

    Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 100 Combo - "Possibly the perfect Grab 'n Go amp!"


    The Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 100C is a 100-watt all tube 2 x 12 combo amp with on-board digital stereo effects. The "all-tube" status of the Switchblade 100C has been hotly debated over the years as some believe there's no way Hughes & Kettner ca…