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Guitar Combo Amplifiers user reviews

  • Fender Performer 650

    Fender Performer 650 - "Not bad, but it has some defects"


    Tube/solid state hybrid 2 channels (1 clean / 1 drive) 65 watts Reverb 12" speaker Footswitch to toggle channels and for the reverb UTILIZATION Easy setup Clean channel: 1 volume bass treble Drive channel: 1 gain, 1 volume, bass mid treble …

  • Gretsch G5222 Electromatic Amp

    Gretsch G5222 Electromatic Amp - "Interesting at first"


    5-watt tube amp with two tubes inside. One jack input and that's it! Only one volume tone gain control. UTILIZATION It couldn't be easier: One input jack and one control, I don't know if it could be simpler, maybe doing away with the pot. …

  • Fender Roc Pro 1000

    Fender Roc Pro 1000 - "Very good clean and distortion sounds"


    Solid-state amp BUT it has a tube for the distortion/drive, your choice. Line out (8Ohms mini), send return, loop volume control, footswitch input (3 buttons on the pedalboard, to enable the distortion and choose the distortion (there are two), plus…

  • Peavey Backstage II

    Peavey Backstage II - "Buy it"


    This is 10-15W Peavey backstage 2 amp it s made for beginers or practicing.Usualy it comes with Peavey Raptor guitar in starter pack. - 3.5mm input jack -Volume pot -Gain pot -Turn off-on drive button -High and Low EQ pots for tone -CD-Tape out…

  • Mesa Boogie DC-5 Combo

    Mesa Boogie DC-5 Combo - " Timeless!"


    Features already mentioned elsewhere. 50 watts. Channel 1 clean with a second crunch when you crank up the gain MESA distortion channel par excellence! UTILIZATION It's very easy to dial in if you know that you have a "hidden" channel by using t…

  • Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60

    Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60 - "i love it"


    transistor UTILIZATION yes SOUNDS Guitar and effect OVERALL OPINION memek…

  • Luker Chameleon

    Luker Chameleon - "A Amp to die for."


    2 X6V6 X 2X12Ax7s X 1 rectifier X 1 12AT7 X 2 12AU7 reverb. 2 gain controls X 1 Volume-treble-middle- bass- Presence- reverb.+ treble cut + 4way treble select.20Wats with 4-8-16 ohm output-1 input. UTILIZATION This amp has a amazing sound. I have…

  • Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus

    Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus - "It was okay to start out with."


    Not much to add (solid-state, pseudo hybrid ....clean channel 100% solid-state, OD channel with a marshall 12Ax7 tube). It's a pity it doesn't feature a headphone out or a speaker out to connect it to external cabs, with hindsight I would've really …

  • Marshall 5210 [1981-1991]

    Marshall 5210 [1981-1991] - "Excellent solid-state amp!"


    50W, 2 channels, solid-state. 9/10 because the footswitch is a bit light and not too practical for onstage. UTILIZATION It's very easy to get really good sounds, it's easy to dial in. It's good to know that the amp has to be really driven to …

  • Fender Super 60

    Fender Super 60 - bloodjob's review


    Small, 60-watt all-tube amp that can single-handedly deliver more power into its speaker than many other amp heads with higher ratings. Despite the year of production, you can be sure it's made in the US, with a quality hardly seen today. You have an…