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Guitar Combo Amplifiers user reviews

  • Fender Princeton Chorus

    Fender Princeton Chorus - "Toooootally Great Blues Amp !!!!"


    Fender old 2x10(Fender Special Design Speakers ... Eminence ???) 51 watt amp Made in USA ... not big ... not heavy ... but loud as hell!!! Perfect choice for someone who want get nice cleans and raw overdrive . First CLEANS very bright sparkle but…

  • Marshall 4001 Studio 15 [1985-1992]

    Marshall 4001 Studio 15 [1985-1992] - "Brilliant"


    I'm primarily a rock and blues guitarist, and my co-guitarist and I maintain what you'd call a "roving line of trade credit," but I ended up trading him about $600 worth of gear for it (don't worry, he knew the amp's value!) and I can say, quite lite…

  • Behringer V-Tone GMX212

    Behringer V-Tone GMX212 - "piece of junk"


    had this for some time and it wasn't until yesterday tht I learned I was suppose to get a footswitch with it and didn't, attempted to find a source to purchase one from behringer only to be told they don't come with the footswitch now, and the footsw…

  • Crate GT212

    Crate GT212 - "Crate GT-212"


    Great amp for metal, rock and blues. Don't trust me, hear for yourself. Crate GT212 w/ Epiphone Les Paul Negative and Dimarzio Tone Zone and Liquifire pickups.…

  • DV Mark DV Jazz 12

    DV Mark DV Jazz 12 - "Super lightweight! Great sound! A small bombshell!"


    I bought it 15 days ago, super light when unpacking!!! The first impression is bizarre, but hey, my bassist plays a Mark Bass. Once plugged in it's a whole different animal, the fan is almost silent... No audible noises, you can tell the man…

  • Vox Soundbox Mini

    Vox Soundbox Mini - "Excellent portable amp and mini boombox"


    I play jazz and pop (I actually play anything, except metal, although...). This amp is excellent for practicing. If I use it with batteries, I can take it from room to room in my apartment. I plug in my Samsung or I-RealPro to play along. Both …

  • Vox AC30C2

    Vox AC30C2 - "A legend, period."


    It's a legendary amp. Dreaming about it is nice, but using it is much better... It's prefect for people looking for a warm sound, with its 30w watts that deliver more than the 100w of an electronic one...but at what price...and it's heavy (70lbs or s…

  • Blackstar Amplification HT-1R

    Blackstar Amplification HT-1R - "Easy to use and awfully good"


    - What styles of music do you intend to play with this amp? Country, Blues, Rock - Given its weight and output power, do you think it's good enough to work, rehearse and play live? I don't know, I only use it in my room. It's perfect for home…

  • Blackstar Amplification Artisan 30

    Blackstar Amplification Artisan 30 - "WOW what an amp!"


    Hi, After having owned it for several years, I think I'm qualified to write a review about this great amp. The review by Pucelle_Dabidjan pushed me to write a review of the Artisan 30, because I don't think his review is objective, having tested i…

  • Marshall DSL5C

    Marshall DSL5C - "Very good Marshall amp for home use, even it if has a couple of weaknesses"


    This amp produces some splendid clean sounds. Channel 1: It has a very good clean sound, not thick, not hyper-warm but, it's very clean and very nice. Plus, you can have a very good and powerful crunch if you push it. You could say it's for blue…