Marshall 4001 Studio 15 [1985-1992]
Marshall 4001 Studio 15 [1985-1992]

4001 Studio 15 [1985-1992], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM800 series.

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flossman 03/06/2015

Marshall 4001 Studio 15 [1985-1992] : flossman's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I'm primarily a rock and blues guitarist, and my co-guitarist and I maintain what you'd call a "roving line of trade credit," but I ended up trading him about $600 worth of gear for it (don't worry, he knew the amp's value!) and I can say, quite literally, this is the amp I'll shuffle off this mortal coil with.

I usually play a '63 Strat through it, but I also use a telecaster and an SG, and it makes everything sound amazing. The mid control is really the key to this amp. I've kept the bass at 10 for 5 years now because, well, it's a Marshall, but I always fiddle with the treble and mids. Want a clean tone? Put the mids around 2, the treble to taste, and crank the gain. Want a Vox tone? Mid around 6, treble to taste (for me it's around 6), and the gain at 4 or 5. Full-on Marshall your style? Crank everything to 10. Even that sounds amazing.

I realize I'm gushing about this amp like I built the thing, but I spent almost 2 decades chasing a tone like this. No matter your style, if you find this amp and can afford it GET IT! You won't regret a single note.