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Guitar Combo Amplifiers user reviews

  • Fender Deluxe 112

    Fender Deluxe 112 - "Very Nice Amp"


    I play clean, traditional Country ( Haggard and Cash, etc.) I play Fender Telecasters exclusively. I liked everything about the amp except for the stock speaker. it's not a bad speaker, I just felt it could be better. So, I replaced the stock Fender/…

  • Marshall DSL40C

    Marshall DSL40C - "The best Marshall in a long time, a very versatile tone monster and a future classic"


    I play mainly progressive rock and fusion however I also amuse myself with classic rock, blues and metal. This DSL40c came after a long string of amps, most of them good in their own right, that for one reason or another did not meet my requirements.…

  • Vox AC15VR

    Vox AC15VR - "Very Wonderful guitar amplifier with really good tones and versatile"


    Our small band use this amplifier for backup but often also when we not wishing to carry around our main amplifier a very old Vox AC30. Also have Marshall MG50FX and Roland Cube 80XL. This our favourite amplifier after Vox AC30. We make funk, gr…

  • Vox AC15VR

    Vox AC15VR - "The best amp for the money with a real punch and very useable warm complex tones "


    Its actually a very versatile amp that can do almost any sound. It took me a while to stumble upon this amp. I have had many amps before including Marshall MG15, Roland Cube 30X, Roland Cube 80XL, Vox VT40+ and Blackstar ID30. My dad has a Blackstar …

  • Acoustic 165

    Acoustic 165 - "Terrible amp"


    Horrible amp. Poor copy of a Messa Boogie. Messa sued them and they went out of business. I could never get a good sound of of this thing. Looked great but a brittle clean sound, weighs a ton, overdrive sounds like an electric razor. Stay far away …

  • Yamaha THR10X

    Yamaha THR10X - "Amp / home recording made perfect"


    - Really nice amp (excepted for the color :). Home usage only but, great sound and bundled with many features (headphones, Audio In, USB interface; Wide stereo...) - different sound modelizations are great - Ability to save user presets - Bass/mi…

  • Fender Deluxe "Tweed Narrow Panel" [1955-1960]

    Fender Deluxe "Tweed Narrow Panel" [1955-1960] - "Awesome!" has images


    I used in in the studio. It was used on a track with my Artisan LP. It's perfect for all styles ranging from jazz to grunge. It's still a rather fragile amp (but it's also quite simple, so easy to repair), so I personally wouldn't bring it with me…

  • Ampeg J-20

    Ampeg J-20 - "Why the hell didn't this amp turn into a best seller ?" has images


    Why didn't this amp ever turn into a best seller ? First, I think the reason lays in this amp's history. No one ever associates Ampeg with guitar amps anymore. Still, in the golden age of rock'n'roll, Fender and Ampeg shared most of the guitar amp…

  • Vox VT30

    Vox VT30 - "VT20+ is Fantastic and can deliver professional sound." has imagescontains audio examples


    I couldn't be happier considering a small and affordable amp. VT20+ Limited Edition is neat, has a cool retro design (the limited edition has a brown finish instead of black like the other of the series). The analog and digital effects are grea…

  • Blackstar Amplification Fly 3

    Blackstar Amplification Fly 3 - "Amazing and enchanting !"


    I bought this small amp alone as it was enough for me, since I wanted a small nomad amp (it can also be associated to an additional speaker to get a small stereo system). I wanting something versatile, light and good-sounding. The animal seems sturd…