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  • Fender Performer 650

    Fender Performer 650 - "Perfect when played loud"


    Solid state amp with tube distortion channel. Actually, different from what is stated here (and that the model name wrongfully suggests), the amp is 80W RMS. 12 inch Fender speaker kicks loudly and can easily be used as PA to play in a medium-sized…

  • Peavey Classic 30 [2005-2012]

    Peavey Classic 30 [2005-2012] - "One of the best deals in tube amps"


    30 watts (RMS) into 16 or 8 ohms Four EL84s and three 12AX7s 12" Blue Marvel speaker 2-channel preamp Pre- and post-gain controls on lead channel Normal volume control on clean channel 3-band passive EQ (bass, middle…

  • Vox Pathfinder 15R

    Vox Pathfinder 15R - moosers's review


    The Vox Pathfinder Series Pathfinder 15R is a small combination amp for electric guitar. It’s a very small amp, although I don’t remember the speaker size. The name obviously lets you know that it’s got 15 watts of power. It also has built in trem…

  • Crate FlexeWave 65/112

    Crate FlexeWave 65/112 - "Not gonna do it"


    Crate amplification is pretty well known for their budget friendly and cheap guitar and bass equipment. Much of their stuff is for a beginner guitarists or musician who are looking to get into the world of electric guitar playing. Many of their produ…

  • Laney LC30-112

    Laney LC30-112 - "The next level!"


    The Laney LC30 1x12 combo is the amp that picks up where the LC15 and LC15R left off. It's got a 12" speaker and puts out 30 watts of power as opposed to 15. It's two channels (separate clean and drive) and with the same core EQ controls and the reve…

  • Laney LC15R

    Laney LC15R - "A lil' tone machine"


    The Laney LC-15R is one of the smallest variants of the LC series line, which is noted for its more vintage styling and tone. This particular model is a single channel amplifier, putting out 15 watts of power that is run on EL84 tubes. It has a singl…

  • Orange AD30TC

    Orange AD30TC - "Fly the union.... orange?"


    The Orange AD30 is a combo built by the British company to capture a different share of their market. The AD30 is a 30 watt dual channel combo with two identical looking channels. Each channel is equipped with gain, volume, bass, middle and treble co…

  • Music Man 212-HD One Thirty

    Music Man 212-HD One Thirty - "Fantastic tone"


    The Musicman 212 HD amplifier is a cool little Fender type amplifier. You have two channels of operation and two separate to 12 speakers. The look of this guitar amplifier is extremely similar to a fender twin reverb amp. It has virtually the same t…

  • Marshall 4210 JCM800 Split Channel Reverb [1982-1989]

    Marshall 4210 JCM800 Split Channel Reverb [1982-1989] - "Classic old British tone"


    Marshall amplification is one of those iconic amp companies that is so synonymous with the music world in general. They have been so easily recognize primarily because of the hard rock guys from the 70s and 60s who really put this company to the fore…

  • Orange AD30TC

    Orange AD30TC - "Solid tone"


    One of my favorite British voice amplifiers in the world has to be Orange amplifiers. They have such a great tone certainly more leanings vintage type tones. They are pretty aggressive in their sound and heavy gain and a stick behind the motto of Mar…