Marshall Class 5 Combo [2009-2010]
Marshall Class 5 Combo [2009-2010]

Class 5 Combo [2009-2010], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Class 5 series.

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DS_1 12/11/2009

Marshall Class 5 Combo [2009-2010] : DS_1's user review


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All-tube amp
an input connectors for guitar
simple adjustments: 4 buttons (1 volume, 1 bass, 1 middle, 1 treeble)
no effect (but hey, it is added with pedals)

I put him 7/10 for me because it lacks a reverb, and a second channel to easily switcher overdrive / clean


The setup could not be simpler. 4 buttons (1 volume, 1 bass, 1 middle, 1 treeble). One branch, and we play!
The manual provided is worse than useless.

In terms of sound, it's something else: the quality is impeccable, but to get a saturated sound, push the amp in high volumes, and push it all thoroughly lamp can wake the dead. So to play on stage, it's not so bad, but to play in his room, it becomes a problem.
So we must remain on low volumes, but the sound is "clean". To remedy this, I took a BOSS DS-1 distortion. She plays the role of footswitchable clean / distortion. like that, I can play saturated even at low volumes.

so I put a 8/10 because for scratch space (even in the studio, you need a drummer balèze, otherwise we do not hear) who wish to play in full, we had to find a "combined" as mine (connect a pedal overdrive or distortion).


I play rock, hard rock, blues rock.
This amp is perfect for that.

All-tube amp, so its hot.
But the bass are very important. I leave them at maximum 1, and they are already too present!

I play it with a Gibson SG Standard. This is PERFECT!

In clean, sound is not bad at all (in fact, as stated above, there is almost as clean, except in very high volumes. So better to use an overdrive pedal and / or distortion for a its saturated in low volumes).

And saturated, if we find the right setup, you can find the legendary sound of AC / DC! (I'm a fan)

But be careful! sound good indeed, but very powerful! will be indulgent neighbors.

8/10, for the lack of saturated sound.


I use it for 2 days.

Before, I only played on marshalls MG series (usually 100W). I prefer this one by far, despite the fact that it has no effect and only one channel. Indeed, the lamp is nicer than transistor amps.

the +:

sound quality
design (vintage, beautiful)
ease of use
the price (we do not find many amps of this quality lamp in this price range)

the -:

the lack of effect (reverb basically I only use this effect there)
the only channel that brings clean and saturated
weight (you can not carry it around)

I put an overall score of 8/10, which makes it a very good amp room or rehearsing (but for the stage, it may be limited in terms of power, I do not know if can hold 5W it)

With experience, I would do this choice.