Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77
Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77

Jazz Chorus JC-77, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Jazz Chorus series.

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zill 01/26/2006

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77 : zill's user review


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Family transistor amps, only the series of amps roland jazz chorus also adul their lamps cousins ​​in other brands.
In the settings there is a single channel four corrections Tone and legendary stereo chorus with a manual or auto tuning, reverb spring ah yes but also a distortion, it is better to forget it.
It possesses the design of the series Jc unchanged since its creation in 76.


This one is a very nice model because with a stero amplification 2x 35w it is powerful enough to play in groups and small enough to fit the home;-).
it is identical Jc a 120 but smaller.


It has a fairly bright sound and precise slamming all highlighted by rendering stero Chorus
lovers of good heavy metal go your way jazz chorus is designed for a clean game with finesse the summers andy, sound Police mainly associated a telecaster.
Jazz is the best friend of your Les Paul, but not only, in fact he marries very well with electric pianos all confused families (rhodes pianet clavinet)


In fact I mostly bought to put behind a rhodes, it sounds good, thanks to the chorus integr at a glance inter ATRP you are playing "babylon sister" and what a chorus, a treat.
I also used me for guitars and having a game in arpeggios rather it is my ideal amp
on electroacoustic dobro it makes very good too.
Small, efficient, and an irreproachable manufacturing, I find it simply sublime, but sublime typ