Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77
Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77

Jazz Chorus JC-77, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Jazz Chorus series.

poy974 06/04/2006

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77 : poy974's user review


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2x35-watt solid-state amp with standard connections


It's very easy to use! You only need to read what the controls say! lol!


The clean sound is perfect, it's almost like listening to an acoustic! lol! It's a standard! It's easy to start playing clean and forget about the distortion!
The distortion isn't the best! You can't change it much with the EQ, but it's nevertheless a nice distortion.
Jazzmen will certainly rejoice playing it.
Personally, I play rock and to play with distortion you only need a pedal!
It's way more powerful than I expected, it's surprising!
The mark I gave it is for the amp as a whole, but the clean sound deserves a 10!


I've had it for six months and I want to buy a Vox ad50vt, but I really like it for its power and clean sound...
It's old, but it's loud!
It's an awesome deal!