Aphex 1404 punch factory
Aphex 1404 punch factory
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songboy 04/12/2011

Aphex 1404 punch factory : songboy's user review

« Give your bass the Punch you need »

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This is simply a compression effect that also can double as a D.I. box. It has 1/4" in and output and a XLR output for the D. I. function. This is an analog pedal. It cannot be edited through a computer, but really there is no need for that. No, it is not rackable.


The sound coming out of this little guy is quite good. As for editing, its simple enough with Drive and Volume knobs on the front, passive/active selector and wet/dry switches on the back. Also a ground selector. It also has an LED meter on the front to monitor you level/compression. I have never looked at the manual as it is pretty easy to understand by just looking at it.


I use this primarily for my Bass but also run my guitar through it from time to time. Yes, the sound is reproduced very well and the compression can be transparent and subtle to crunchy punchy. I notice some color to the sound when you really compress it, but for the most part its transparent. Its a pretty solid unit and I have to say, for what I paid for it, its amazing.


What I like most about it is the LED. I have never had a stomp box compressor with LED feedback before. It helps a lot when you are on stage and can't get a true representation of your sound due to amp placement and crowd/bar noise. I can't say that I dislike anything about it. I got it for $25 which was a steal. If I had to replace it, I wouldn't feel bad about spending $140 on it. I give it a 10 out of 10 for sound quality. I use an Analogman Bi-Comp for my guitar but I didn't like it as much on the Bass. This is an optical compressor and for some reason I always prefer Optical compression on a Bass. Yes, I would definitely buy this pedal again.