Keeley Electronics Compressor
Keeley Electronics Compressor

Compressor, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Keeley Electronics.

Popsyman 11/27/2008

Keeley Electronics Compressor : Popsyman's user review


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It is a form of analog compressor pedal.
An input jack, output jack.
Simple and basic.


This compressor has two settings available on the pedal and two others by opening the case.
The first two correspond to the compression setting (as sustain S) and volume of output (as L Level).
The two internal settings match the input level, which adjusts depending on the output level of your instrument and the attack on the compression, which allows to keep or erase the sins of the attack notes.
If you use it with several guitars, I recommend the 4 Knobs where all settings are available on the pedal.
It is quite easy to find the appropriate setting and the manual clearly explains where the internal knobs.


This compressor will not turn the sound of your instrument. It is a remarkable transparency. Nothing to do with models that gobble type MXR BOSS sound or blowing very fast.
Compression can be huge in setting the sustain to 15h. It appears then a slight hiss but it's already extreme setting for this pedal. I use it with the sustain at 10 and compresses it's not bad.
Beware, if you plug in the pedals which of breath before this one, you will accentuate this defect.
If you are looking for a pedal very transparent and easy to use, try this.
In addition, its small size is a major asset for the community to integrate your pedals 46.


I use it for several months on a fender jaguar and jaguar I always sound that comes out of the amp. even record directly to the soundcard of the computer, this pedal is his office.
I bought it directly on the site of US Keeley, and I was shocked to have to pay customs tax on delivery, which significantly increases the total price of the object (no info to is available on the site for sale). I do not regret, despite the unexpected additional costs.