MXR M132 Super Comp Compressor
MXR M132 Super Comp Compressor
barvador 08/30/2007

MXR M132 Super Comp Compressor : barvador's user review


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3 rglages, effective and complmentaires, not very easy to shift rgler hair because it is sensitive enough and adpend the scratches and the game
Bad point for the battery it is necessary to introduce practically have to disassemble the hammer APRS pedals as there is no room, and the power supply that is too prs jack. FYI a power supply type ibanez pedals for 3 or 5 or even a more universal sentence in between the hole and can gnrer false contacts. Worthy that price.


The rglages vary depending on whether it plays a clear or saturated it takes much cost to understand how it Ragit and not the manual that makes things easier, but the end result is what is desired. rglage the level of attack is rather thin, allows a smooth game. The PDAL is transparent and does not stain. Attention, SETTING THE compression / sustain gnrer can breath or a sound that gets carried away. It is suited to powerful guitars and quiet, so avoid passing the rglage 2 hours. Strato del vintage feeble to refrain from compulsory MIDI or noise gate.
The level of sound output can be calibrated but the boost still must find a balance. Gnral compression is not an easy effect but the mxr apprhender plays cleverly on the dynamics of sound, with some lgance.


The sound is quite CHARACTERISTICS mxr is - that the elastic compression gives effect to sound clear and it's great for funk. In saturated is less empty but the sustain is extra and can be calibrated riffs slice well.


The price is high but it is a good product. The silent Dynacomp adapts to sound more vintage guitars and fender type, we feel the and this is prcis on docs, the Supercomp is suitable for most modern guitars, active pickups , boosters, double coils howler. Besides, I am willing to change against a Dynacomp, if someone has INTERESTED.