MXR M132 Super Comp Compressor
MXR M132 Super Comp Compressor

M132 Super Comp Compressor, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from MXR.

izzie 04/14/2007

MXR M132 Super Comp Compressor : izzie's user review


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So here we have a compressor pedal.
Three knobs: Output, Attack and Sensitivity level
An Input and Ouput.
A switch and an LED.
Powered AC outlet.
8 because the plug to the power supply is the input jack (not practical)


The ONFIGURATION is more or less simple, we have:
output of the knob used to drive almost
the attack level knob which operates ... uh ... the level of attack
sensitivity of the knob that handles the compression
It is quite easy to get a pretty compressed sound by grinding a few minutes but the knobs to get the sound that really suits us, we can expect to spend some more time especially if it has an overdrive, distortion or other in chaining and thus test each effect with compression to listen to the reactions.
Basically it is a compressor pedal ^ ^


The sound is very much inflated. We can go from clean boost to a much larger saturation.
Note that the Output knob to make the sound very fuzzy on the end of the race, something that may not be annoying but the sound is not very accurate and generates a lot of breath (the Decimator thank you).
The Sensitivity knob also generates a little breath on the end of the race but it also helps to have good sustain and excellent fluidity in the sequences of notes.
My advice therefore to be relatively moderate on the knobs and prefer to use this pedal with another overdrive pedal, distortion or fuzz instead of using the output of the pedal like a nag!
It's still a very good compression.


I use it for about a year or two and I must say that I pretty much believe in the bright parts (rhythmic slamming) than in the more "punchy".
I have not tried a lot of compression pedals actually I bought the one hand it was a case (€ 40) and I have not looked elsewhere since it too pretty for me.
However, I admit to being partial to the Analogman Bi-CompRossor but this one is really expensive so I'll wait a bit ...
The quality / price (even for the nine) is excellent.
I would do this choice with his eyes closed in spite of my little knowledge on compressor ...