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[NAMM] 3 New Rivera Shaman Effects

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Rivera Sustain Shaman
News Rivera Sustain Shaman

Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Rivera

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Rivera Amplification has just released into production three new Shaman series pedals, to be unveiled at the NAMM Show.

The Sustain Shaman is a Sustain-Compressor effects pedal suited for long sustained leads or compressed rhythms- for example for R&B to classic rock styles. With two channels of envelope control, you can have a preset for clean sustained leads, and or another for tight rhythms. With a Tone control as well as an Ef.Level control, you can adjust the effects level and tonal nuances to complement your needs-from humbucker to single coil.


The Acoustic Shaman is a balanced line input Chorus-Vibrato pedal effect, designed for Acoustic Guitars, like Taylor models equipped with the ES Pickup System. All other unbalanced effects pedals, when used with the Taylor ES equipped guitars, lose up to 6db of level and a whole lot of great tone is missing, the company says. The Acoustic Shaman can also be used with any instrument with an unbalanced output, such as an electric guitar, mandolin, banjo, etc. It is also suited for a studio control room with balanced line pro gear. It can be used in a mono or a stereo multi-amp setup.


The 3D-Shaman is a 3 output Chorus-Vibrato effect, with left wet, right wet, and center dry outputs. When used in a multiple amp setup, a panoramic image is spread across the amps, “much like 3D movies, except with your ears, ” according to Rivera. It can also be used with one amp in Mono, and with two amps in several different wet and dry stereo combinations. A Panoramic switch turns on an enhanced wide aural image, and the Tone and Ef. Level controls allow the player to adjust the right tone and depth of the effect.


The devices are housed in a 16 gauge stainless steel case, and constructed with components such as WIMA wound polypropylene capacitors, Analog Devices OP275s, FET circuits, and film resistors.



Rivera is shipping these new products in February of 2012.


For more information: Rivera

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