Akai Professional Head Rush E2
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carimbabar 09/16/2014

Akai Professional Head Rush E2 : carimbabar's user review


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The E2 Headrush is a delay, echo, with separate outputs, and to a lesser extent a looper up to 37 sec.
It was in the order of the knobs, the level of the effect (or loop in "variable" mode) a damp hf, which cuts treble on the effect, the number of repetitions of the delay, and a mode manual adjustment of delay time thereof.
It was then a setting that allows you to set when the delay is fading, and a time to narrow, more pointed, the first setting of the genre (if I'm making myself clear).
It has two switches, one for the output level of the loop (in looper mode, so) that may be affected by the level knob, or remain stationary, and a second that defines quality and time looping, 11 or 37 sec of memory.
The outputs are in jack 6 "35, and there are 5!
A main, which couples the raw signal and the processed effect, and 4 others intended to simulate the passage on the heads as for tape echoes. They can therefore join different outputs, 4 amps, 4 channel strips or more reasonably, 4 audio interface inputs.
No editing by computer possible, no usb, you plug the microphone (with an adapter), and his guitar playing, old.


The config is very simple and clear, I do not remember having too consulted the manual but I downloaded easily, manual pdf in case.
Editing sounds is simple, the commissioning of the looper too, but the buttons would have earned to be bigger, especially switches to start and stop loops. If it does not bother me when using the delay for the looper, sometimes I was not able to start my loop or stop in time, which is sometimes annoying.
Mode change, delay in looper, could also benefit from a different type of switch, with two switches at the same time, it's not top-top.


Side effects on the other hand, it's great! I like the delays, color, sounds fast and well, even in the studio, I use little echo, and I rarely use more than one outlet, I'd better explain the Camaguey everything.
The looper sounds great too, no loss of sound or dynamics, compared to a Digitech JamMan, or Boss, it sounds much better, less corrupt.
I use it with electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, sometimes a voice and machines by assigning it to send my mixing desk, live, it works very well, thank you!


I have a few years, it is still good, no worries.
The pedal is solid, well finished, connectors qualities, nothing moves, or do crunches, or any noise "beginning of the end."
She is beautiful, I like the color blue.
At his level, I have not tried other delays, except maybe a Gigadelay Boss, which is a sacred gasworks.
There at least we live in the heart of the matter, the idea of ​​multiple outputs is interesting, but I've never taken the time to actually operate.
I used the delay, direct mode with tap tempo, to play alone or to the effects of "reggae" type.
The looper is great in terms of sound, but I still run properly galley loops or not I pressed enough, I press two switches at the same time (I do shoes as 43), well ... However it sounds great, even if we can not store or save the above-said loops.
I bought 119 euros Musik Store, I can not even remember when, I always have it in my pedal board, ready ...