Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
MGR/Billy 12/12/2010

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay : MGR/Billy's user review

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The Boss DD3 is probably the most well known in digital delay pedals. Its merits aren't without being well deserved, this pedal does it all: Short delay, long delay, it can repeat something once or it could repeat something eternally!

I bought this used for $40. As of 2010 I believe Boss charges about $120 for one of these new.

It is simple to use. No manual needed, just plug and play. I bought it specifically to get a nice, clean slap back delay like my, at the time guitar hero Brian Setzer. Sure new pedals come out and I give them a shot, but the DD-3 will always be a staple for my delay sounds.

In a perfect world this pedal would have a cleaner, quieter bypass as well as a tap tempo, but if I want the that or the tap tempo at least I'll have to upgrade to the newer DD-7.

Boss builds great pedals that can take the abuse of years of non-paying sweaty rock clubs. My DD3 has never shown up late for practice or got too drunk to perform at gig.

Great, simple to use delay pedal. Unless you need a delay time of 5 1/2 weeks, I'd check this pedal out. It's good clean fun!

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